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General objectives: Written report and Web Site.

1. To present to concerned engineers and related professionals the different theories, concepts and formulas in order to evaluate the calculation of the transportation of sediments in alluvial rivers.

2. To present, keeping in mind the complexity of the subject, in a simple language an appropriately ordered information and consulting material for this and other topics, related with the study of the fluvial hydraulics.

3. To define and establish a methodological guide that allows to have several formulas for the sediments’ transportation evaluation in alluvial rivers; this in order to have an useful tool of easy use and consultation for these formulas.

4. To gather, in agreement with the available bibliography, different formulas to be used in the sediment’s transportation calculation indicating their origin, use and recommendations about their application.

5. To verify the dimensional analysis of these equations in the International an English Systems of Units, as well as the dimensions of the variables for each studied case. A complete dimensional analysis will be carried out, and the formulas will preferably be developed in the International System of Units.

6. To implement a Web Site that allows the engineers and professionals of other areas to properly contribute to this and other related subjects on behalf of the knowledge in the Fluvial Engineering.


7. To generate a research space dedicated to the specific knowledge of the subject, with the objective of transforming it into a dynamic Web site, which will permanently be in development and periodically increased because of the received contributions and the complementation by part of the author.


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